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ISO Certification

International ISO standards are a guarantee of quality in almost every area – from food safety through IT, agriculture, to economic services itself.

Since the priorities of our work are both satisfied customers and quality services, it is not surprising that Madison, spol. s r.o. confirmed its strong position in the market by obtaining the ISO 9001:2016.

ISO 9001:2016  

We did this intending to be truly trusted partner to our customers, to streamline our operations and to increase information security, which is key for us.

It was not an obligation required by any legislation, we just felt it to be very important, so we, as one of the few companies in the area of tax services, embarked on the implementation of ISO systems.

By obtaining the ISO 9001:2016, Madison, spol. s r.o. became one of the few independent tax companies in the European Union, which have guaranteed the quality and level of their work or the work progresses. It is further proof that you can rely on us in all directions and that we are doing our job with the maximum degree of precision.